Our Story

Pico strives to honor tradition before innovation, celebrate the food of the people and honor the generations before them that handed down culinary secrets that now define a variety of proud cultures. Above all, Pico offers food “derecho del corazon”, or, straight from the heart. From the hearts of people not just from Mexico but further South of the border. Whether it’s a Salvadoran pupusa revuelta just like one from a street stall in Juayua, or a Caribbean style tostone with mariscos and a cold lager like a band of pirates would’ve enjoyed off the coast of Roatan, we recognize food’s intimate relationship with memory, be it the warm memory of a time long passed or the jubilant moment a new memory is created through food exploration. Enjoy eating and drinking your way through the streets of Mexico, Central America, and beyond without ever leaving the beauty of Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.  

¡Buen provecho!