The Lottery Mentality in Article Writing Satta Matka

We all know what the lottery mentality is, but how does it apply in article writing? Quite a lot in fact!

You know the thing:

If I keep buying tickets then eventually I must win . . .

When I win the lottery . . .

It’s going to me soon . . .

Somebody has to win it . . .

Living on a hope and a prayer, and all the time spending more and more money chasing a dream.  One day it will be their turn to become a millionaire.  Well do you know what?  It never is!  The odds of winning Powerball is around 1 in 146 million and even the much smaller UK lottery is 1 in 14 million.  So it’s probably true to say that it will never happen to you. If it does, sue me!

So what has this to do with article marketing and writing articles?  It should be obvious:  people keep thinking that their day will come, when they will make money online.  Eventually they will come across the magic formula that will finally work for them.

Well, I have some news for you:  you have as much chance of that happening as winning the lottery unless you get off your butt and work for it. This applies equally in the specialty of article marketing as it does in the broader arena of internet marketing in general.

However, the lottery mentality does have some sort of result in terms of article writing as opposed to article marketing in general. If you keep on writing articles in the hope that eventually they you might make your fortune from them, then you might well be right.  matka result You have a much better chance of that happening than of winning the lottery, that’s for sure. So how is that?

Let’s have a look at some of the things you might achieve when you write articles:

–  You generate content that others might copy to their websites.

–  You provide information that might persuade people to click to your site find out more.

–  You spread your name as author around and eventually perhaps get recognized.

–  You get links back from any directories or websites that publish your articles.

–  You get exposure on Google whenever a directory article is listed.

Now, if you have the lottery mentality that if you keep doing it you must win sometime, then with articles you very well could.  Why?  Because unlike lottery tickets, articles work for you all the time:  week after week, month after month and year after year.

Keep buying a lottery ticket and you have only the same chance of millions to one each week with each individual ticket – in other words zilch! Keep writing articles and their power increases with each week. They don’t expire the day after you wrote them, but continue to increase in their effectiveness.

Imagine if every lottery you bought was still active, and that each gave you more of a chance of winning the older it got! That’s what articles do: all you have to do is to write them.  Just like your lottery tickets – get through as many as you can in as fast a time as possible, and you will multiply your chances of online success.

So don’t just sit back and wait for it to be your turn:  do something about it, get writing and make that lottery mentality work for you in article writing:  the best way yet to get free advertising for  your website.

But there’s a problem there, isn’t there?  How to do it.  There are bad ways, good ways and the best ways to write articles. Each may not be same to every person, and so a course on how to actually write the things wouldn’t help too much.  However, there are tricks and tips that you can use in your writing, and there are ways to get your articles not only distributed by all the directories you submit them to, but also read.


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